How to install and upgrade GPU drivers on Windows 10

Scroll down on the right side of the window and select Troubleshoot from the list of options. Right-click on the Start icon in the Taskbar or press Windows + X to launch the Quick Access menu. In order to replace problem drivers with new drivers, one must first identify the problem drivers. This can be done by looking at the device manager and identifying which drivers are causing problems. Identify the software manufacturer of your sound card. Visit their website and search for the most up-to-date software.

It seems they’re banking on you forking over the money for a premium version, which does automatic driver installation for you. If you already have the manufacturer’s driver software installed, you may be able to update your drivers from Windows. Open your system tray in the right-hand corner of Windows’ taskbar, right-click on the icon for the software in question, and open its main settings window.

  • Drivers are the most important piece of software that runs hand-in-hand with the operating system and let the components of your computer perform their tasks with ease.
  • Compare your driver’s date and version with the current driver available for your sound card.
  • Follow the steps very carefully and do not turn off the power supply in the middle of an update.

Every piece of wireless technology needs to be properly connected with your computer in order to be used. Make sure that you’ve gone through the proper connection process if using wireless headphones, earbuds, or speakers. Just like most Windows 10 errors, it’s quite hard to pinpoint only one source for your audio not working properly. However, we were able to collect some of the most common causes for this error, which may help you identify why you’re unable to hear any sound on your device. Accordingly, your schoolwork, important documents, and other relevant data might be misplaced. To recover such lost files, you can download the Data Recovery Pro.

Optionally install NVIDIA’s CUDA Toolkit

Right-click on the Realtek Audio device and select Uninstall device from the context menu. Locate and double-click the Sound, video, and game controllers option. Right-click on the Realtek Audio device and select Update driver from the context menu. After installing the latest audio driver, close Device Manager and restart your computer to ensure the updates are correctly installed. Once the scan is complete, click Start Repair to fix any issues or update the outdated audio driver on your computer.

It doesn’t impact your system, as it just defaults to the onboard graphics from your CPU. You can do this by restarting or by pressing the Windows key + L. Device Manager will not automatically look in this location for a driver.

How To Reinstall NVIDIA Drivers in Windows 11

Once the drop-down menu appears, click About this Mac, which will be towards the top of the list. Find the Apple logo in the top left-hand corner of the screen. There are two simple methods you can use to see what motherboard your Windows device drivers download amd is using.

Q1. Why is my graphic card not working?

I even had to reset my cmos to get it to boot the first time I changed the card in. Try not using DDU and just use the standard uninstallers. You don’t need to boot back into Safe Mode once DDU has removed your drivers. If you are removing NVIDIA drivers, also check Remove 3DTV Play and Remove PhysX. Right-click on NVIDIA Graphics Driver and choose Uninstall/change.

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